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Publish Erotica for Pay

Publish Erotica for Pay

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Publish Erotica for Pay
By Monica Conti

Writing erotica is a wonderful exercise for anyone trying to learn the art and craft of literary development. Whether you have simply always had an interest in erotica, or you have actually begun penning stories based on personal fantasies, you can earn extra income by publishing them online. Here are some of my suggestions for new writers in the growing area of online erotica publishing.

1. Find writers who specialize in producing high-quality erotica and model your work on their writing. The best teachers for new writers are established writers who have already been published in the niche they are writing in. You can find online a number of sites which offer free stories for download. Start at It’s a 100 percent free site with sub-genres and categories for every conceivable sexual interest you can imagine.

2. Pay close attention to the basic story elements. All good erotica will provide the same basic elements found in any well-regarded fiction in any genre. That means you need a strong plot, interesting and believable characters, and of course, masterfully-written sex scenes. If asked which of these components are most important, I would say that strong characters and beautifully described sex scenes are what make what would be “okay” erotica turn into “great” erotica.

3. Know the distinction between pornography and erotica. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that porn and erotica are the same. That’s simply not true. Mind you, there are writers on erotica sites who produce “wham-bam-thank-you m’am” work that teeters on being just cheap porn, but most good erotica writers want you to experience something more than that. They elevate the experience of desire into a mental and sensory series of impressions that leave you breathless. The characters are realistic and interesting and there is a reason for their existence besides standing before a lens and having sex for your enjoyment (though that can and should happen in erotica too).

4. Take your time and remember that good writing is REWRITING. No sentence or idea is ever written in stone, and I cannot impress on new writers enough the importance of having a good editor with a very large red pen and a tough mental focus. The better your editor is, the better your writing is.

5. Have fun and be imaginative. When writing erotica, you should never forget to enjoy yourself. If the work doesn’t arouse you when you’re writing it, then it probably won’t arouse anyone reading it. So, please yourself first and then realize your audience will be pleased too (hopefully).

6. Publish it online. Now, with the beauty of electronic publishing, you can submit your work and publish it on and also on Amazon’s Create Space site for Kindle. You probably want to dabble on free sites first to get your feet wet and see if there are readers who like your work. is great for this purpose. You can get feedback, find editors, and meet like-minded folk all on the same site for free.

Monica Conti is a writer of lesbian erotica who currently has a multitude of offerings on You can sample her work free at

Conti also blogs daily at http://eroticlesbianfiction–

She is currently writing her next novel entitled THE PERILS OF CONSTANCE. Release date to be announced soon.

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